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CHIRP transducers were first introduced in and are now available in a wide range of frequencies and mounting options. They provide a major step forward in underwater image resolution. Conventional transducers operate at one or two frequencies, typically 50kHz and kHz. CHIRP transducers sweep across a range of frequencies to give better coverage and to see the fish that a conventional model might miss.

They are available in either single-band or dual-band models. Garmin and Raymarine also make their own transducers for use with their equipment. Check your sounder or fishfinder specifications to see whether it is single-band or dual-band and choose a matching transducer.

Garmin makes a wide range of single-band and dual-band transducers using CHIRP technology in the low, medium or high bands. Toggle navigation. Transducers Home Transducers. Available Airmar Single-Band Transducers. Available Airmar Dual-Band Transducers. These transducers are for use with Garmin fishfinders and sounders only. Available Garmin Transducers. These transducers are for use with Raymarine fishfinders and sounders only. Available Raymarine Transducers. Manufacturer's Websites.View Details.

Choose low, medium or high frequency CHIRP sonar and choose the amount of tilt in the element to fit your hull's deadrise angle. The West Advisor articles have answered boaters' questions and provided solutions to boating problems for more than 20 years.

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Transducer Comparison

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Cookie Disclosure We use cookies to optimize site functionality and improve your overall experience.This is going to be the new budget king in that application for guys on smaller boats looking for an easy transom mount, and only giving up w against it's big brother. We are talking about run-n-gun tuna fishing in feet of open water, but you probably only care about the top feet.

Legg inn en kommentar. Airmar TMHW - the new holy grail of shallow water transducers? TMHW uses the same mounting hardware and casing as the popular and proven P So what does all this tech translate to when on the water with a fishingrod in your hand?

Notice the "fishingrod in your hand", because the wide coneangle on TMHW makes it less than ideal for those simply looking for depth or structure. Unfortunately, we have not had the chance to try TMHW yet, but based on the specifications and practical experience with Airmars other transducers, we still dare to make a few assumptions. As mentioned, the wide coneangle of TMHW comes with a major downside, it is to wide for showing structure in a good way, or giving very accurate depth.

This issue will increase with depth, as shown in this diagram:. As your sonar tends to average-out structure within the coneangle, a wide coneangle will never give as accurate depth or information on bottom-composition and structure as a transducer with a less wide coneangle. But for those venturing into deeper water where the scanning sonars are less than ideal, they are depending on their 2D-sonar for such information. Based on this, TMHW is not ideal for the guys fishing for fish deeper than ish meters or so feet.

Deeper than that and the drawbacks of the wide coneangle are simply larger than the advantages. These three diagrams from Airmars own bottom-coverage-tool gives you the area covered by the 30 degree coneangle in 10, 50 and meters 30, and feet : Bottom coverage down to 10 meters.

Bottom coverage down to 50 meters. Bottom coverage down to meters. That leaves us with the fisherman fishing in less then ish meters, looking for a transom mount transducer that is better than the OEM-transducers from Lowrance, Humminbird and Garmin etc, These guys have typically been using the TMM, and have been getting excellent results from it.

But HW should be even better, providing better on-plane performance due to the higher wattage, and better separation due to the wider frequencyband. We can also expect less sidelobes from TMHW, giving even less noise and a clearer image on our screens. With TMHW Airmar is trying to cover what used to be a gaping hole in their product-portfolio, but they missed the latest years of product development within scanning sonar when doing so.

We would have loved to see TMHW with a coneangle around 20 degrees instead of 30, as the shallow water angler simply does not need such a wide coneangle anymore. As TMHW is now, it is neither fish nor fowl, which is a crying shame. It is a better option then TMM for the shallow water guys, due to the higher wattage and higher frequencyband, but it would have been even better and a lot more versatile with a more sensible coneagle.

Airmar, it is time to wake up and look at how modern day fishermen use sonar, it is not the same way as 10 years ago. Technically it can be done, using adapter LINK.A perfect solution to solid fiberglass hulled boat owners that are looking for great performance at a great price.

The P75M is a watt, single frequency Chirp in-hull transducer working on the medium frequency band kHz. This frequency is great for both inshore saltwater as well as lakes and provides amazing target definition out to feet.

The transducer includes a plastic housing which is secured inside the hull of the boat and is filled with Eco-friendly anti-freeze. The transducer is inserted into the housing and adjusted for the proper dead rise offset, insuring the beam is shooting straight down. The liquid provides the best medium to transmit through the fiberglass and into the surrounding water.

The benefits to the in-hull transducer are that there are no protruding features on the exterior of the hull making it the perfect choice for trailered or lifted boats. Designed for smaller boats up to 25' with solid core, fiberglass hulls.

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Winch Parts. Furler Parts. Windlass Parts. Transducer Parts. Airmar Menu. Product Compare 0. A perfect solution to solid fiberglass hulled boat owners that are looking for great performance. For bare-wire applications. No connector. A perfect solution to solid fiberglass hulled boat owners.The CP and CP require 2 elements to function. Find out more about frequency in our transducer guide. Need help choosing the right transducer? Read our transducer guide.

The in-hull installation eliminates the need to drill any holes in the hull, while accommodating a large range of deadrise angles.

The medium-frequency benefits include the ability to identify targets deeper than the high-frequency with benefit of a wider beam angle. The high frequency provides excellent shallow water resolution. More details. The R contains 16 internal ceramics to provide a level of sensitivity superior to the M This powerhouse of a transducer will provide excellent clarity and target resolution in water both shallow and deep. The wider beam angle of the medium frequency provides improved shallow water coverage.

The R is the ultimate in-hull transducer. Featuring 25 internal ceramics and a total potential output of 3kW, this transducer will outperform any other in-hull option. Available in a number of low-profile, tilted element configurations these transducers are great options for small and medium sized trailerable boats. They also offer wider beam angles than some more expensive transducers, providing greater coverage below the vessel.

Given their flush design, low-profile transducers may be more easily subjected to surface aeration at higher speeds. The B is a good coastal transducer. The result is good target separation in deep and shallow water alike. With up to kHz of CHIRP range and 8 internal ceramics this transducer has the ability to provide great target separation in both shallow and deep water.

The medium element will provide better shallow water coverage under the vessel, while the high element will provide better shallow water resolution. With 16 internal ceramics the R is a powerhouse transducer. The thru-hull design ensure maximum performance by putting nothing between the transducer and the water. The added beam width of the medium frequency provides additional visibility in shallower waters.

The R contains 25 internal ceramics to provide an unprecedented level of shallow and deep water sensitivity.

Airmar b60 for chirp????

Pairing this array of elements with the transducers maximum 3kW output and you truly have the best sport fishing transducer on the market. Choose the RLM for additional coverage in shallow water. The result is improved shallow water coverage while maintaining the high resolution capabilities associated with the High CHIRP channel.

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This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our Privacy Policy. If you agree to our use of cookies, please continue to use our site. Or Learn more Continue. New comes from keywest with thru hull Airmar B60 installed. As graph technology increases almost every new graph has chirp so will the B60 work with chirp or will it be useless running a Helix 12 mega? Tom Marlowe. Technical Advisor. A through hull transducer is an available option on many of the Key West Boats, but it is not a standard, and even when ordered as an option there are many choices of transducers available.

The order sheet comes from the dealer with the transducer selection designated. In the case of a through hull that would always be selected by the dealer, or the eventual owner. If chirp capability is desired they should select a compatible transducer for the unit desired.

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Life Aboard: Cleaning Airmar Transducer

Contributing Member. There is no reason the B60 should be called a shallow water 'ducer. Back to top. OK Join. Choose Display Mode Original Dark.This is to accommodate a wide range of deadrise even without a fairing block and to provide excellent echo returns for more accurate depth and temperature readings on the integrated chartplotter or fishfinder.

This Garmin thru-hull mount transducer allows both traditional and spectrum scanning when paired with compatible sonar such as GSD It has power rating of watts or watts. The Garmin Airmar B75 Series Thru-Hull Mount Transducer is available in 0-degree, degree, and degree tilt to support deadrise angles ranging from 0 degree up to 24 degrees.

It has degree up to 9-degree beamwidth and maximum depth capacity of up to 1, feet. It comes with a foot long transducer cable and installation instruction for easy assembly. Please select your preference from the menu above. We cannot accept returns for this item, as is our policy for all parts replacements. We take the responsibility to make sure this product arrives in a brand new working condition.

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